September 14, 2007

Stain removing tips

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Remove Red Wine StainsRed wine – white cushion – just the thought of them mixing is enough to make you cringe. Sometimes it seems like wine, coffee and pasta sauce are a magnet for your light coloured carpets, white sofas and linen.

First step is to minimise the damage:

Act immediately! The more you get off before it dries, the more likely it’ll come off

If it’s a solid, remove all you can by scooping it up with a spoon. Start with the outside as starting in the middle will spread the stain, then follow on with the next step.

For liquids, Blot the area, do not rub! Rubbing spreads the sofa stain and pushes it further into the fibres. Use absorbent paper towels or a fabric cloth – just make sure the cloth is already clean.

If you drop something dry, like an ashtray for example, vacuum the area then brush it with your hand.

Once you’ve gotten rid of any excess you can use a stain removal product, blotting carefully from the outside ring into the centre, and follow the recommended instructions.

If you haven’t used the product on the fabric before, do a quick spot test on a part of the fabric that is unseen, like on the back of a sofa cushion, to check the stain remover wont discolour the fabric and leave you with something worse. Dry the area (a hairdryer with a ‘cool’ setting does a great job) then if you are still left with visible markings, use the stain remover again.