February 15, 2008

Moving home to shared accommodation – does it work?

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moving homeMoving home to shared accommodation is alot different to moving into a property of your own or in with a partner as it is very unlikely that you will know the person that you are going to be moving in with.

There are many moving tips for a conventional home move but for those of us who want to share, there a few more fundamental rules that you must follow:

1) Ensure that you respect each others privacy and stick to the house rules. It is important that you both understand some ground rules such as the division of household chores and rules about people sleeping over, this is so you avoid any unpleasantness later on in your tenancy.

2) When you move into a shared property, you will have to limit the number of possessions that you take with you. Your roommates will not want to feel as though they are being swamped into your life. This has to be a home for you and your house mates, so keep your private belongings to a minimal and keep the majority of your possessions in your bedroom.

3) When your home move involves sharing with someone else, it is important that you stick to your end of the deal and regularly tidy the house. Cleaning activities can include dusting the sofas, washing the dishes, vacuuming the hallway, etc. The easiest way to make sure that chores are completed is to draw up a rota of cleaning tasks and highlight who is responsible for each weekly chore. Also, make sure that you and your house mates are happy with tasks that have been delegated.

4) When you move into a shared property, you have to respect and consider your roommates before doing anything which could compromise his or her safety or trust. The same also applies to living room furniture, for you and your house mates to live in a clean and safe environment; respect important assets of the household otherwise arguments about who will be chipping in to replace expensive furniture that is damaged.

If you follow these simple moving tips then you and your landlord should rub along quite nicely together


February 8, 2008

6 Tips On Updating Your Living Room

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Stylish living rooms

If your home needs a little updating, here are a few ideas that could give your home that much needed facelift!

1. Leather Sofas:

As most people know, a leather sofa can bring that look of elegance into your living room. With a wide range of leather furniture to select from in your local high street stores, any style can match a look. With leather being a very contemporary look, it can modernize and transform the look of your living room for as much as £400. By looking after your sofa well by using recommended  cleaning products, your leather sofa could last you a lifetime

2. Lick of paint:

Going for bright colours in your living room can help bring that that extra bit of life back into your house. When you have decided on a perfect colour for your living room, you will also be inspired to purchase new ornaments and furniture to help bring your living room up to date. Getting inspiration from the vast amount of home designs programs we have, you often see how designers transform a house on the brink of demolition to a fresh, new and modern pad without the need of heavy workloads or builders! So remember you do not need to spend a fortune on updating your home, choosing the right paint can add life and most importantly value to your property. Before under going a paint job, remember to cover up or move your sofas to another area of your house to avoid the disappointment of getting drips of paint forever marking your expensive furniture!

3. De-Clutter:

This is the most important step that most people need to bear in mind when they are looking to update their property. Some people (or even people you know) do not know how to let the past go! To start off the mission of de-cluttering your home, take time out by exploring every room in your house going through cupboards and drawers making a list of any old junk that you come across. Also make note of those items you think will be useful in other rooms and keep and eye out for the junk you may have thrown in the corner of the room; telling yourself that you will deal with it in the near future, but never got round to throwing it away! Another idea is to throw out those items you do not intend to fix or wear and any old clothing or ornaments you come across donate to charity!

4. Floors:

If you have a carpet that may have lost its colour over the years or if you have a visible stain that you just cannot remove with the best stain removers on the market, make that all important decision and throw that old carpet out! Also, if you notice that you have wooden flooring under your carpet, tear the carpet out, and get to work making that wooden floor stand out. Rent a Sander and sand down the wooden floor and wax to give it a smooth finish. To maintain the finish, sweep and vacuum the floor on a regular basis; if you want, place rugs and mats to prevent dirt, grit and sand from easily appearing

5. Lighting:

Lighting can make a huge difference of the way your living room looks. If you find that your living room may be a dull or dark in setting, buy a few more stylish lamps that will add character to your living room at the same time. Or alternatively, changing the brightness of your bulb could also work. e.g. Going from 60 to 120 watts.

6. Re-arranging Your Furniture:

Re-arranging your furniture can also make a difference in the way your home looks and most importanly the way you feel about your home. Try moving your furniture to spots that your guests will notice, for example moving your sofas around the fire place or bring items from other rooms which are better suited for the living room. Use as much items as you can to characterize your living room and always remember to leave some open space as a room always needs room to breath! It will feel like moving home all over again!

November 30, 2007

We are living in the age of Modern Living and Modern Furniture

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Dining Room TableNow that we are fast approaching 2008, we will be bombarded with new lifestyle shows informing us about what our homes “should” look like and personalities such as Ann Maurice and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen demonstrating how we can transform our homes of the 20th century into the new modern and futuristic look with new design living room furniture and new decorating techniques, like the examples we normally see displaying in popular home stores such as Ikea and Habitat.

As we are now in the era of design and modernization, the home and furniture blog will give you some ideas of how to transcend your home into a unique and modern place of sanctuary using furniture that is affordable! Going modern is a big step for some, a few people like to keep it ‘simple’, which is good, only if you know how to keep it stylish at the same time! Come to think of it, I think most people can agree with me when I say theres nothing more appalling than entering a house that looks so……un-inviting!

Below are examples of furniture such as sofas and tables that could improve the look of your home, without having to call in Bill and Big Terry from a building company to demolish parts of your home:


brown leather sofa

When a few of you look at this you may think, “hmm, I think that’s a bit too modern for me,” or “that sofa wont go with my wallpaper.” But the notion is to update the look of your home and keeping it simple, instead of coming home to the past!

October 17, 2007

The Five Do’s of Buying Furniture

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1. DO go shopping during the week. Avoid the weekend crowds and chaos if you can. Many are open late during the week and you can also purchase online. The madness in store will only add to the confusion to trying to figure out which coffee table has the best finish, or decide if the dark blue sofa will look better in your house than the light blue sofa! It’s better to go during quieter times when you won’t get carried away in the weekend buying frenzy nor feel rushed in to your decision.

2. DO measure everything! Before you leave the house know how much space you’ve got to play with, and also the size of your door frames – trust me, one of the main reason people bring sofas back for a refund is because they don’t fit through the Corner Sofadoor! Always measure the potential furniture before you purchase.

3. DO shop around for the best price. Look online or enquire if the store will have a sale soon. You never know, by waiting a week you could save yourself.

4. DO test the furniture. If you’re buying online, it still might be a good idea to test it out. Remember, you have to live with this! A friend of mine ordered a mattress from Argos to save money, took a day off work to wait for the delivery to arrive, only to discover she couldn’t get a good nights sleep on it.

5. DO take a photo and ask for a fabric sample. If you’re debating several pieces, they’ll all start to blur into each other once you leave the store. The beauty of technology means you can take a photo on your phone or digital camera and ask for a sample of fabric so you can really picture it in your home.

September 14, 2007

Stain removing tips

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Remove Red Wine StainsRed wine – white cushion – just the thought of them mixing is enough to make you cringe. Sometimes it seems like wine, coffee and pasta sauce are a magnet for your light coloured carpets, white sofas and linen.

First step is to minimise the damage:

Act immediately! The more you get off before it dries, the more likely it’ll come off

If it’s a solid, remove all you can by scooping it up with a spoon. Start with the outside as starting in the middle will spread the stain, then follow on with the next step.

For liquids, Blot the area, do not rub! Rubbing spreads the sofa stain and pushes it further into the fibres. Use absorbent paper towels or a fabric cloth – just make sure the cloth is already clean.

If you drop something dry, like an ashtray for example, vacuum the area then brush it with your hand.

Once you’ve gotten rid of any excess you can use a stain removal product, blotting carefully from the outside ring into the centre, and follow the recommended instructions.

If you haven’t used the product on the fabric before, do a quick spot test on a part of the fabric that is unseen, like on the back of a sofa cushion, to check the stain remover wont discolour the fabric and leave you with something worse. Dry the area (a hairdryer with a ‘cool’ setting does a great job) then if you are still left with visible markings, use the stain remover again.

September 7, 2007

Fabric Furniture Tips

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For fabric based furniture, like chairs and sofas, proper care can keep them looking better for longer.

White Sofa

When you vacuum your house – vacuum fabric furniture too. The build up of dust and dirt on your furniture will create markings and discolouration.

Rotate cushions on sofas and mattresses on beds to get an even wear of the fabric.

Choosing fabrics that are removable and machine washable will also mean you can clean it properly. If they aren’t removable, you may be able to steam clean them using a carpet cleaner – but check the manufacturers specifications first.

Airing cushions will keep them fresh and remove any stale smells.

Have some good quality stain remover on hand for unexpected accidents and read our blog on stain removing tips!

August 17, 2007

Let there be light!

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Home LightingGet the most out of your room and save on your power bills by optimising the amount of light in your house. Before you run around ripping down your curtains, follow these easy tips first:

  • When choosing curtains, avoid ones fall inside the window, instead choose ones that will frame the outside of the window. This way when your curtains are fully open non of the light will be blocked.
  • Clear the outside view. Many people cover up their windows simply because there is not much of a view or the garden doesn’t let in light. This can be fixed by clearing out the area the window looks out to allow light in and a more pleasant view.
  • Cleaning the glass and ventilating your house can make a big difference. Dirty glass and closed windows will only block the light. These two tips give a better flow to your house and give that lovely feeling of ‘bringing the outdoors in’.
  • Mirrors can help bounce light from one surface to another. Try this trick: place three or so candles in a dark corner of a room, then angle a mirror behind the candles so they are reflected. It’s is a sneaky way to get double the light in an otherwise gloomy corner – but just make sure you use candles safely.
  • When it’s time to repaint a room, choosing light, bright colours will respond well in lighting up rooms and will also help reflect the outdoor light. You can also use lighter colour woods and fabrics for your living room furniture.
  • If you use lamps, take a good hard look at your lampshades – you might find changing to a thinner shade with a lighter colour will let extra light escape.
  • And finally – whilst we’re on the subject of lighting – choose energy saving light bulbs. The actual cost for them is higher than your standard bulb, but the money you’ll save on your bills added with fact they last about 8 times longer will save you money in the long run. They emit the same amount of light and you’ll be cutting down greenhouse gas emissions.