October 17, 2007

The Five Do’s of Buying Furniture

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1. DO go shopping during the week. Avoid the weekend crowds and chaos if you can. Many are open late during the week and you can also purchase online. The madness in store will only add to the confusion to trying to figure out which coffee table has the best finish, or decide if the dark blue sofa will look better in your house than the light blue sofa! It’s better to go during quieter times when you won’t get carried away in the weekend buying frenzy nor feel rushed in to your decision.

2. DO measure everything! Before you leave the house know how much space you’ve got to play with, and also the size of your door frames – trust me, one of the main reason people bring sofas back for a refund is because they don’t fit through the Corner Sofadoor! Always measure the potential furniture before you purchase.

3. DO shop around for the best price. Look online or enquire if the store will have a sale soon. You never know, by waiting a week you could save yourself.

4. DO test the furniture. If you’re buying online, it still might be a good idea to test it out. Remember, you have to live with this! A friend of mine ordered a mattress from Argos to save money, took a day off work to wait for the delivery to arrive, only to discover she couldn’t get a good nights sleep on it.

5. DO take a photo and ask for a fabric sample. If you’re debating several pieces, they’ll all start to blur into each other once you leave the store. The beauty of technology means you can take a photo on your phone or digital camera and ask for a sample of fabric so you can really picture it in your home.


August 30, 2007

How to shop around for cheaper furniture

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If you thought Ikea was your only option for budget furniture – think again. There’s a few clever ways to save money on buying furniture – you just have to know what they are..

Step One:

Research online! Shopping online has a couple advantages. Firstly you can see a huge range of styles before you decide and, quite often, can get them cheaper.

Cream SofaStep Two:

Compare prices at Outlet and Factory Direct furniture stores. Finding the manufacturer and buying it from them may save you a considerable amount

Step Three:

Try a second hand store. A second hand store will have several to choose from, and you know they’ve had a really good cleaning.

Step Four:

Wait for the sales. Just like clothes, furniture store have big post Christmas/New Year sales, as well as mid year reductions. If you are a couple months away from January or July, why not wait a bit longer and see if you can save on a discontinued table, sale sofa or other furnishings?