December 19, 2007

Thousands move house for a good school

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Forget moving house because you’ve found the house of your dreams in an area you love – thousands of people are moving home so their children can go to a better school!

The decision to move home is quite a big one – there are many factors to consider including areas, costs, the proximity of the house to your workplace, home design and then finding a house you love.

The most common reason for changing address is the need for more space. However, 70,000 people are moving home so as their children can receive a better standard of education. They look for properties which fall within the catchment area of their ideal schools.

Many parents are desperate to secure their children a place at a good school and are even prepared to take on a higher mortgage for the privilege.

Many deliberately move house to be near a better school and are bitterly disappointed when they are told that their children have not been accepted. This has lead to appeals and complaints from exasperated family members.

Moving HouseOne expectant mother was reported to have approached parents, asking them to recommend areas that she should move to in order to secure a good school for her unborn child.

One family made the decision to move from a beautiful three bedroom Victorian house in the north of London to a smaller house in a catchment area simply because the local primary school had a 35% target level in Key Stage 2 assessment tests.

A house move for educational reasons can be a costly process – especially once you get a couple of removal quotes – but on the upside, good schools have a reputation for being situated in a good neighbourhood with a lower crime rate and a cleaner environment.