December 20, 2007

Choosing Leather Armchairs

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There’s something special about a big leather armchair. They scream opulence and style, and never seem to go out of fashion. Leather sofas have had a great resurgence of late, and the past couple of years has seen a flood of large chunky, square armchairs hit the furniture market in luxurious warm colours. It’s a clear step away from the bright, cool 60’s mod inspired leather sofas which have been making their mark since the 90s.

What colour leather armchair would you chose?

Depending on your home, choose the colour of your armchair accordingly. Modern homes look great with black, brighter red shades and white leather, whist more traditional or ‘country’ style homes suit the rich warm colours like browns, warm cherry reds and dark greens.

What style armchair would you chose?

The chunky square style armchairs may not go with everyone’s décor, but no doubt there is a different one to suit your home. The great thing about leather furniture is they really last. Leather is extremely durable and can take a lot of abuse from children and pets. Stains are less likely as you can wipe spills off immediately, and they look great with age.

If you’re looking for something lovely to curl up and read a book on this winter I’d thoroughly recommend one of the following brown leather armchairs.

Brown Leather ArmchairJohn Lewis Armchair

Left: Carmen Leather Armchair @ SofaSofa £199
Right: Hector Leather Chair @ John Lewis £795


December 10, 2007

The Future Of Furniture Looks Modern?

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Beige Living RoomNow that we are in the era of modern living, there seems to be a steady influx of futuristic and shall I say “different” looking household and living room furniture that is starting to appear on the market, which are affordable to some and not so affordable to others. More of us are now starting to turn our places of sanctuary into something you more or less see in a Ikea or the Littlewoods catoulouge, which to some can get people thinking ‘that must cost a few bob’ to do. Though some of us often day dream of designing our next home looking very sheek and modelesque, the most important question that may come to a few of our minds is ‘How much is creating a contemporary home going to cost me?’.

There are many different means to styling your home such as rural, urban, expensive, cheap, contemporary or retro at prices that do not aim to dig a deep hole in your bank balance. All you need to do is ‘Shop Smart‘, in my opinion (and I hope most of you agree!) means shopping around for those all furniture sales which will add those desired effects that you are looking for in your home. Shopping at car boot sales, charity shops, clearance furniture sales and online furniture sites can leave you with you jaw wide open as you will realize that you do not have to give in to those extortionate prices you often see at those up-market furniture stores.

Take the Ideal Home Show for example, these are exhibitions that will give you a few ideas on how to style your home and also shows you the diverse range of furniture that you can buy to help you on your way to achieving your goal of completely re-designing your home. Even taking notes at these exhibitions can get you thinking that your the new up and coming interior designer ready to grace our TV screens!

Bedroom Furniture

Watching leading lifestyle shows such as House Doctor, Front of House, How To Rescue a House or Colin and Justin’s Home Show can open your mind to various design ideas which in turn could lead to that sought after ‘warped into the future’ effect! So instead of spending nearly over £100 on a futuristic looking lamp or £50 on a set of blinds, shop around and keep your eyes peeled for those low priced furniture deals that could turn your home into a new, young and vibrant pad.

November 30, 2007

We are living in the age of Modern Living and Modern Furniture

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Dining Room TableNow that we are fast approaching 2008, we will be bombarded with new lifestyle shows informing us about what our homes “should” look like and personalities such as Ann Maurice and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen demonstrating how we can transform our homes of the 20th century into the new modern and futuristic look with new design living room furniture and new decorating techniques, like the examples we normally see displaying in popular home stores such as Ikea and Habitat.

As we are now in the era of design and modernization, the home and furniture blog will give you some ideas of how to transcend your home into a unique and modern place of sanctuary using furniture that is affordable! Going modern is a big step for some, a few people like to keep it ‘simple’, which is good, only if you know how to keep it stylish at the same time! Come to think of it, I think most people can agree with me when I say theres nothing more appalling than entering a house that looks so……un-inviting!

Below are examples of furniture such as sofas and tables that could improve the look of your home, without having to call in Bill and Big Terry from a building company to demolish parts of your home:


brown leather sofa

When a few of you look at this you may think, “hmm, I think that’s a bit too modern for me,” or “that sofa wont go with my wallpaper.” But the notion is to update the look of your home and keeping it simple, instead of coming home to the past!