August 30, 2007

How to shop around for cheaper furniture

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If you thought Ikea was your only option for budget furniture – think again. There’s a few clever ways to save money on buying furniture – you just have to know what they are..

Step One:

Research online! Shopping online has a couple advantages. Firstly you can see a huge range of styles before you decide and, quite often, can get them cheaper.

Cream SofaStep Two:

Compare prices at Outlet and Factory Direct furniture stores. Finding the manufacturer and buying it from them may save you a considerable amount

Step Three:

Try a second hand store. A second hand store will have several to choose from, and you know they’ve had a really good cleaning.

Step Four:

Wait for the sales. Just like clothes, furniture store have big post Christmas/New Year sales, as well as mid year reductions. If you are a couple months away from January or July, why not wait a bit longer and see if you can save on a discontinued table, sale sofa or other furnishings?