February 15, 2008

Moving home to shared accommodation – does it work?

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moving homeMoving home to shared accommodation is alot different to moving into a property of your own or in with a partner as it is very unlikely that you will know the person that you are going to be moving in with.

There are many moving tips for a conventional home move but for those of us who want to share, there a few more fundamental rules that you must follow:

1) Ensure that you respect each others privacy and stick to the house rules. It is important that you both understand some ground rules such as the division of household chores and rules about people sleeping over, this is so you avoid any unpleasantness later on in your tenancy.

2) When you move into a shared property, you will have to limit the number of possessions that you take with you. Your roommates will not want to feel as though they are being swamped into your life. This has to be a home for you and your house mates, so keep your private belongings to a minimal and keep the majority of your possessions in your bedroom.

3) When your home move involves sharing with someone else, it is important that you stick to your end of the deal and regularly tidy the house. Cleaning activities can include dusting the sofas, washing the dishes, vacuuming the hallway, etc. The easiest way to make sure that chores are completed is to draw up a rota of cleaning tasks and highlight who is responsible for each weekly chore. Also, make sure that you and your house mates are happy with tasks that have been delegated.

4) When you move into a shared property, you have to respect and consider your roommates before doing anything which could compromise his or her safety or trust. The same also applies to living room furniture, for you and your house mates to live in a clean and safe environment; respect important assets of the household otherwise arguments about who will be chipping in to replace expensive furniture that is damaged.

If you follow these simple moving tips then you and your landlord should rub along quite nicely together


December 19, 2007

Thousands move house for a good school

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Forget moving house because you’ve found the house of your dreams in an area you love – thousands of people are moving home so their children can go to a better school!

The decision to move home is quite a big one – there are many factors to consider including areas, costs, the proximity of the house to your workplace, home design and then finding a house you love.

The most common reason for changing address is the need for more space. However, 70,000 people are moving home so as their children can receive a better standard of education. They look for properties which fall within the catchment area of their ideal schools.

Many parents are desperate to secure their children a place at a good school and are even prepared to take on a higher mortgage for the privilege.

Many deliberately move house to be near a better school and are bitterly disappointed when they are told that their children have not been accepted. This has lead to appeals and complaints from exasperated family members.

Moving HouseOne expectant mother was reported to have approached parents, asking them to recommend areas that she should move to in order to secure a good school for her unborn child.

One family made the decision to move from a beautiful three bedroom Victorian house in the north of London to a smaller house in a catchment area simply because the local primary school had a 35% target level in Key Stage 2 assessment tests.

A house move for educational reasons can be a costly process – especially once you get a couple of removal quotes – but on the upside, good schools have a reputation for being situated in a good neighbourhood with a lower crime rate and a cleaner environment.

December 10, 2007

The Future Of Furniture Looks Modern?

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Beige Living RoomNow that we are in the era of modern living, there seems to be a steady influx of futuristic and shall I say “different” looking household and living room furniture that is starting to appear on the market, which are affordable to some and not so affordable to others. More of us are now starting to turn our places of sanctuary into something you more or less see in a Ikea or the Littlewoods catoulouge, which to some can get people thinking ‘that must cost a few bob’ to do. Though some of us often day dream of designing our next home looking very sheek and modelesque, the most important question that may come to a few of our minds is ‘How much is creating a contemporary home going to cost me?’.

There are many different means to styling your home such as rural, urban, expensive, cheap, contemporary or retro at prices that do not aim to dig a deep hole in your bank balance. All you need to do is ‘Shop Smart‘, in my opinion (and I hope most of you agree!) means shopping around for those all furniture sales which will add those desired effects that you are looking for in your home. Shopping at car boot sales, charity shops, clearance furniture sales and online furniture sites can leave you with you jaw wide open as you will realize that you do not have to give in to those extortionate prices you often see at those up-market furniture stores.

Take the Ideal Home Show for example, these are exhibitions that will give you a few ideas on how to style your home and also shows you the diverse range of furniture that you can buy to help you on your way to achieving your goal of completely re-designing your home. Even taking notes at these exhibitions can get you thinking that your the new up and coming interior designer ready to grace our TV screens!

Bedroom Furniture

Watching leading lifestyle shows such as House Doctor, Front of House, How To Rescue a House or Colin and Justin’s Home Show can open your mind to various design ideas which in turn could lead to that sought after ‘warped into the future’ effect! So instead of spending nearly over £100 on a futuristic looking lamp or £50 on a set of blinds, shop around and keep your eyes peeled for those low priced furniture deals that could turn your home into a new, young and vibrant pad.

November 30, 2007

We are living in the age of Modern Living and Modern Furniture

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Dining Room TableNow that we are fast approaching 2008, we will be bombarded with new lifestyle shows informing us about what our homes “should” look like and personalities such as Ann Maurice and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen demonstrating how we can transform our homes of the 20th century into the new modern and futuristic look with new design living room furniture and new decorating techniques, like the examples we normally see displaying in popular home stores such as Ikea and Habitat.

As we are now in the era of design and modernization, the home and furniture blog will give you some ideas of how to transcend your home into a unique and modern place of sanctuary using furniture that is affordable! Going modern is a big step for some, a few people like to keep it ‘simple’, which is good, only if you know how to keep it stylish at the same time! Come to think of it, I think most people can agree with me when I say theres nothing more appalling than entering a house that looks so……un-inviting!

Below are examples of furniture such as sofas and tables that could improve the look of your home, without having to call in Bill and Big Terry from a building company to demolish parts of your home:


brown leather sofa

When a few of you look at this you may think, “hmm, I think that’s a bit too modern for me,” or “that sofa wont go with my wallpaper.” But the notion is to update the look of your home and keeping it simple, instead of coming home to the past!

October 5, 2007

Moving house tips

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As the saying goes, there’s two things you can’t avoid – debt and taxes. But what about moving home? It’s pretty much inevitable at some stage you have to move and it’s certainly a stressful event. It’s always seems so easy and exciting but once you get down to the packing you always realise how incredibly unprepared you are and wonder how you managed to accumulate so much stuff! Here’s a few tips that might make moving that little bit easier:

Before you start:
Preparation is key! It may seem like an obvious tip, but no matter how little or big your house is that you have, you still never really know where to start. Make a list of exactly what you need to do from booking a removal van, to finding cardboard boxes to sorting through your clothes and taking some to a charity store. This way you can see clearly what you have to do, and then can figure out what will take the longest and prioritise. Ask yourself – do I really need that old leather sofa and chipped bookcase? What do you really want to take to your new home?

During your move:
ist1_3279895_moving_house.jpg Make sure you leave yourself with enough time to organise everything and don’t leave everything until the last minute. Start by packing things you aren’t going to need to use. Clearly mark all your boxes just in case you need to find something you packed, and to also make it easier when you unpack at your new home. Moving house is the perfect time to de-clutter your house and get rid of things you no longer need. If you’re really prepared you could take your belongings to a car boot sale and try to come out on top.

After you move:
Many people get so caught up in the moving process they forget that after you leave your house, your mail doesn’t magically know how to find you. Remember to redirect your mail and inform people of your change of address or you could miss out on anything from birthday presents to phone bills! Although it would be nice to lose a few bills along the way, you don’t want to end up with overdue fees from a wayward bill you haven’t paid.