August 17, 2007

Let there be light!

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Home LightingGet the most out of your room and save on your power bills by optimising the amount of light in your house. Before you run around ripping down your curtains, follow these easy tips first:

  • When choosing curtains, avoid ones fall inside the window, instead choose ones that will frame the outside of the window. This way when your curtains are fully open non of the light will be blocked.
  • Clear the outside view. Many people cover up their windows simply because there is not much of a view or the garden doesn’t let in light. This can be fixed by clearing out the area the window looks out to allow light in and a more pleasant view.
  • Cleaning the glass and ventilating your house can make a big difference. Dirty glass and closed windows will only block the light. These two tips give a better flow to your house and give that lovely feeling of ‘bringing the outdoors in’.
  • Mirrors can help bounce light from one surface to another. Try this trick: place three or so candles in a dark corner of a room, then angle a mirror behind the candles so they are reflected. It’s is a sneaky way to get double the light in an otherwise gloomy corner – but just make sure you use candles safely.
  • When it’s time to repaint a room, choosing light, bright colours will respond well in lighting up rooms and will also help reflect the outdoor light. You can also use lighter colour woods and fabrics for your living room furniture.
  • If you use lamps, take a good hard look at your lampshades – you might find changing to a thinner shade with a lighter colour will let extra light escape.
  • And finally – whilst we’re on the subject of lighting – choose energy saving light bulbs. The actual cost for them is higher than your standard bulb, but the money you’ll save on your bills added with fact they last about 8 times longer will save you money in the long run. They emit the same amount of light and you’ll be cutting down greenhouse gas emissions.