September 21, 2007

Tips for buying a Sofa

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Furniture can cost a lot of money. When you’re buying a sofa you need to know it’s going to last you years – both in durability and style.

Remember that although you would probably like to replace it in a couple of years, realistically people keep their sofa for at least ten.

Room size & décor
Consider the size of the room and the décor, and try to stick to that theme. What kind of room are you getting the couch for? A formal lounge area or a casual space that people can relax in? Would a modern leather sofa match what else you’ve got or would a chaise lounge look better?

Before you purchase – do all the measurements! Firstly measure the space to so you know what size sofa you want. Secondly, measure things like doorways and consider how you are going to get it in the room – will it fit up the staircase and through the door frame? Are the legs removable?

When thinking of colours – think of your lifestyle! Light colours look great, but if you’ve got small children they can be a recipe for disaster. Patterned and coloured fabric sofas will hide stains better.

Small areas
For smaller house, try an armless sofa. That little bit of extra space can fit another person on and, without arms, can usually be a good make shift bed for unexpected visitors.


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  1. So glad you mentioned measuring. I think I saw more sofas come back because customers did not measure the room, the doorways, and the stairs BEFORE coming into the store.

    Even the most perfect looking sofa ends up as a disappointment if you can’t get into the house or the room.

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